Thank You!!!!By Rosanna:)

Thank You!!

Thank You parents,carers,relatives,brothers/sisters for signing our Article 12 survey at our Tea Afternoon stall.We had really nice answers to our questions.

We would like to say a huge thank you to Miss Nottages class for bringing in loads of donations for their box!{they’re already on their 2nd box} Keep bringing in your donations until you box is filled all the way up!You have got until Thursday the 14th of December!

Have a great week/weekend!

Article 12 News By Rosanna

                                                                Gift Box Appeal

                Article 12 have decided to take part in a Gif Box appeal for Providence Row. We will be giving every class a box to decorate for them [ like a Christmas present ]. You will need:

  • some things to decorate the box with [like wrapping paper,ribbon,bows etc]
  • some toiletries
  • scarfs,hats,gloves
  • but most¬†importantly NO Perishable Food ¬†[ in case the food goes of in the box]

Thank you and have an amazing week/weekend!

And thank you for reading Article 12 news

Article 12 News By Rosanna

Our Name change

Why we have changed our name ?

We have changed our name to Article 12 because we have a voice just like article 12 says ‚Äė You have the right to give your opinion, and for adults to listen and take it seriously‚Äô.

Why we have picked article 12?

We have picked Article 12 because we relate to Article 12 and we are the voices of the school.

November is Anti-Bullying month

  • We would like to remind you that we do not accept any form of bullying at St Anne’s and we all want our students to feel safe while they are at school.
  • Remember about our Rights Respecting School aims ‚Äď according to Article 29 and 31 we all have a right to education and a right to play so our responsibility is to respect other children’s rights.

Anti-Bullying poster competition

  • Design an Anti Bullying Poster with a powerful message against bullying, as here in St Anne‚Äôs we have a zero tolerance towards bullying
  • You can add an Anti-Bullying message or say what to do while we are on the playground
  • It can be A4 or A3 size you can use any resources you wish to make it colourful, shiny, eye-catching and interesting
  • Due date: Monday 13th November
  • Bring it back to Miss Heaney or Mrs Phelan
  • Prizes are waiting for the best posters with the best messages on how to make our school and playground a good place to be.
  • Thank you and enjoy your day

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