Getting fitter!

We have been busy exercising every morning for about 15 minutes to make us breathless and our hearts beat faster. So that our blood is pumped around all our body!

We will get stronger and fitter bodies, which we hope will be a foundation in our early childhood that we can build on as we grow into adults! We hope it will add 5 years to our life expectancy!


We have been finding out that during Lent we need to help people who are less fortunate than us. As part of this learning we went to Sainsburys supermarket and we sang songs to raise money for Red Nose Day. We all wore red to school that day to join in with event. Luckily we had lots of parents

Valentine’s Ball

This term in R.E. we have been learning about all the celebrations in the Church and celebrating Jesus. We thought we would end the term celebrating our love for one another and so we had a fantastic Valentine’s ball. Enjoy the pictures and thank you again for your support!

“It’s My Birthday.” By Helen Oxenbury

we have been very busy this week. We heard the story “it’s my Birthday.” By Helen Oxenburywe on Monday. We found out that the child wanted to make a cake. We made a list of the ingredients and on Tuesday we all walked to Sainsburys in Whitechapel  and we bought the ingredients. On Wednesday we made and baked the cakes and today we have decorated them. Eat your heart out Mary Berry! Watch out BBC Bake Off – you have some rivals!

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Our Early Years Workshop

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Our Early Years Maths Workshop

Our Early Years Maths Workshop

We had a very busy morning playing with a wide variety of maths activities that we could play with at home. Some of our parents stayed and played with us. We really enjoyed ourselves. One parent said, “This was wonderful. I have really enjoyed it.” Another said that it was fantastic.



Our New Bikes

Our parents helped us to raise the money for theses bikes last year. We had a sponsored walk followed by our Sports Day!

We are thrilled with the bikes. We are finding it really hard to push the pedals with our legs but we are persevering! This will help make our legs strong and our hearts beat faster. This will make us healthier. image image image image image

Our Class Saint

We have been learning about St Anne. She is our class Saint. We have found out that St Anne was married to Joachim and that they waited a long time to have a baby. An angel went to tell Joachim and Anne that they were going to have a baby and that they were to call her Mary. They did have a baby girl and they did call her Mary and she later went on to have a baby called Jesus.

We have found out that St Anne is the patron Saint of grandmothers.

We are bringing in photos of ourselves with our mothers and grandmothers.

We are making a wall display of the ways that we can Mary asks us to live like Jesus. image

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