Nativity play

We rehearsed our play and practised our songs many times so that we could perform our play to the parents with confidence.

Everyone came to school that day so we had 100% attendance.

The children were amazing. They made lots of parents feel very proud and some had to wipe a tear way with a tissue! They did perform with confidence and sang their little hearts out,

They now know the real Christmas story and at song time they ask to sing “ Mary saw a lovely thing.” 


Finding out about Autumn

We went to the local park to explore our local environment and to look at the trees and the shrubbery. We saw that there were hardly any leaves on the trees and when we did see some they were yellow or brown. We collected leaves and twigs to create our own Autumn collages back in the classroom. We noticed that were wearing warm clothes and hats and gloves. We did see a bright sun but there was no warmth in it. 

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