We have been finding out about Winter and we have created lots of Winter creations! We drew Winter pictures with crayons and water coloured over the top with blue paint. We have cut out snowflake patterns on paper to help make our fingers stronger. We have also begun to learn how to write our own names. 

We have been learning about St Anne. She is our class Saint. We have found out that St Anne was married to Joachim and that they waited a long time to have a baby. An angel went to tell Joachim and Anne that they were going to have a baby and that they were to call her Mary. They did have a baby girl and they did call her Mary and she later went on to have a baby called Jesus.

We have found out that St Anne is the patron Saint of grandmothers.

We are bringing in photos of ourselves with our mothers and grandmothers.

We are making a wall display of the ways that we can Mary asks us to live like Jesus. image

On Wednesday we had a wonderful celebration with families who brought food from different countries for us to share.

We had very proud families watching their child graduate from Reception to Year 1.

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