Nativity Songs

Please, practise these songs with your child.

Thank you once again for your cooperation.





Soane Centre

Last Tuesday our class went to the Soane Centre in Mile End because we wanted to learn about plants.

It was very exciting because some of us hadn’t been there before. A kind lady called Theresa welcomed us. 

We learnt new facts such as Holy bushes that have berries are female and those that don’t have are male.

We looked at the different parts of flowers and talked about their function. 

Do you know what photosynthesis mean?

Where can nectar be found?

Please leave some comments, we would love to hear from you.

Bird Funeral

​​​Yesterday we found a bird laying on our playground, it was dead! We decided we had to bury him so that’s what we did! 

After that we said few prayers. Can you think of any other prayers?

We would love to read them so feel free to write a comment in our blog.

Recount- Our Class trip to the Emirates Cable Cars

Last Tuesday we went to the Emirates cable cars because we wanted to write a recount.

Some of us hadn’t been there before so we felt a little bit nervous and frightened. Once we got in the cable car all our fears disappeared. It was an amazing experience. We flew over the river Thames and enjoyed the marvellous views from the heights. 

Have a look at this video to see how much fun we had. We hope you enjoy it. ​

Trip to the Idea Store- Recount

​​Last week we had an amazing trip to the Idea Store in Whitechapel. We carried out many interesting activities. First we sang some Nursery Rhymes. Next, we listened to ‘ We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ story. Finally we decorated some Father’s Day and Eid Mubarak cards. 


Challenge yourself by writing a recount. Remember to include:

An introduction ( 5ws)

Time connectives

Past tense

And feelings

Don’t forget to share it with us in the blog. ​​​


Wild Plants

Last week we went to Spitafields City Farm on a flower hunt.

We found many different types of flowers; daffodils, ivies, dandelions, buttercups. We learnt that all these flowers are wild flowers and can be found in green areas such as parks, forests … During our walk we recorded the number of flowers we found.

When we got back to our classroom we wanted to find out which type of flowers was the most popular. Do you know what we did? We created a pictogram! 

Can you tell us which type of flower is the most popular?

Which is your favourite one?

Comparing Different Volumes

Today we have learnt how to compare different volumes.

You can find below the key vocabulary we have learnt and some pictures. 

Can you match the key vocabulary to the corresponding picture? Please, leave a reply.



Nearly full

Nearly empty

Half full/empty

A quarter full

A quarter empty

Measuring the Capacity of a Container

At the beginning of the week we learnt how to measure the capacity of different containers.

We predicted the capacity of a container using different units of measurement ( bottle tops, cups, mugs…) then we checked our predictions.

These are some of the key sentence structures: 

“I estimate that the ______ will hold about _____ cups of water. ”

“The _______ holds about _______ cups of water.” 


We ended up having different answers when we measured the capacity of a jug. Can you explain why? (Look at the photographs.)