Phonics 2

Find bellow the phonemes your child will be learning this week.

If he/she is learning oo ( poo at the zoo) click on the image bellow,


You can click on the following images if your child is learning ai to differentiate ai (snail in the rain), ay (may I play) and a-e (bake a cake).


for ay (may I play) visit previous phonic post.



We hope you find this useful.

Fire, Fire 

Last Tuesday we visited the London Museum to watch an exhibition about the Great Fire of London.

First, we travelled by tube to get there. We had to be very careful not to get lost because there were many people at the stations. 

Next, we visited the exhibition. We found it very interesting because we were able to explore many objects from the olden days. We learnt that one of the reasons why the fire spreaded quickly was due to how narrow the streets were at that time. 

Then, we went to a very engaging workshop called ‘Fire, Fire’. The man who delivered it was very funny. He invited some of us to act out as people that were involved in the fire. Thanks to them, nowadays we know what happened at that time. 

Finally, we had lunch and went back to school.

What do you know about the Great Fire of London?

How many facts do you know about it?

Maths Home Learning- Adding Two Single Digits by Making Ten

Today we learnt something new in a Mathematics. We found it very tricky first but we persisted until we understood it. We still need to practice some more to get better at it. All we need is some cubes or straws and our place value chart.

 You can find below the strategy we learnt today- Make 10


Complete the following equations using the Making Ten strategy and using the correct sentence structures (as above.) 




TIP- Learn all the number bonds to 10 and you will become a super mathematician.

In our next blog we will publish a fun song to help learn the Number Bonds to 10. 

Olden Days Celebration 

As part of our Great Fire of London topic we decided to celebrate a day where we dressed up with clothes from the past, cooked food from old recipes such as ‘Great Fire of London’ cakes and identified and classified objects from the past and present. 

We also invited our parents to share this special event. 

How many questions can you answer from our quiz? Let’s find out who scores the most.

1. When did the Great Fire of London start?

2. How many days did it last?

3. Who recorded the unfolding events?

4. How did people attempt to stop the fire?

5. How did people try to scape?

6. Which important building got destroyed by the fire


Dear all, find bellow the songs we would like you to practise for our Nativity.

Last week we sent the lyrics home. I hope you enjoy them.