Dodger the Dog! A visit from the author, Karen Gee

June 10th, 2016

imageimageimage We loved ,eating the author, Karen Gee.  We also met the illustrator, Kim Wymer.

“when a dog wags his tail, he is happy” David


“I liked the happy ending” Ava

Celebrating Our Differences!

May 25th, 2016

image image image image image image image We had so much fun dressing up in our traditional clothes, waving flags and talking about our families.

Poppy said ‘I am from England so I am wearing red, white and blue’

We are learning about Superheroes!!!

May 25th, 2016

image image imageWe have made Superhero capes and described our super powers!!!


David said ‘I am Thunder Boy and I need to defeat the villains Rainy Boy and Windy Villain’

when I grow up I want to be …..

May 13th, 2016


The children are excited that here are so many jobs to choose from…they considered what they might want to be and wrote about it.


Come and see he amazing writing in our classroom

People Who Help Us

May 13th, 2016

We have been learning about People Who Help Us. We have had two doctors visit us and show us how they can check if a person is healthy.


Some children have written thank you letters to the doctors


image image image


Searching for bugs in forest school

April 29th, 2016


We found lots of bugs during forest school.

We noticed that some bugs have wings, some bugs have legs and some bugs have no legs at all!


Can you think of a bug with no legs?

Do you know any bugs that fly?



We have spotted some dinosaurs!

April 15th, 2016


We discovered that dinosaurs are extinct.


Dinosaurs lived millions of years ago.


We visited the Natural History Museum to learn more about our topic of Dinosaurs and Animals.


Our New Movement Area

March 10th, 2016

image image image image image image

We are having so much fun in our new movement area….adults too!

World Book Day 2016

March 10th, 2016

image We had so much fun on World Book Day

Who is your favourite character?

Welcome to St Anne’s Church Poster

March 1st, 2016

We have been learning about how we celebrate mass in church.  We designed a welcome poster to our church, St Anne’s


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