School Trip: The Tower of London

We’ve been out and about this week! On Wednesday we visited the Tower of London and saw the Crown Jewels (and yes they are real!) We were also intrigued by the story of the Princes in The Tower and saw the very spot where the boys’ skeletons were believed to have been found under a staircase in The White Tower! 


Local Area Survey

We have been investigating the features of our local area, focusing on London’s Spitalfields Market. We decided upon a question we would like to investigate and then designed a survey to record the collected data. Questions included:

  • Which types of cuisine are available?
  • Which types of shops are there?
  • What’s the average age of the shoppers?
  • How much traffic passes the market?

Here are some photos of our visit to the market. We’re now in the process of analysing our data… Results will be posted soon!  


Sports: Football

This week Manchester United won the FA cup leaving Crystal Palace fans and players in tears as they defeated them.

Louis Van Gaal won his last trophy with Manchester United before leaving the team after two great years.  Manchester United scored their  first goal by Juan Mata as Wayne Rooney crossed the ball in to Mata with an amazing volley.

Manchester United were very happy to have won the FA cup for the forth time in twenty years!
By Imran, Shay & Frankie

How to catch a dragon: Fire-Flame Dragon!

Are you an aspiring viking in need of a monstrous sidecick? well look no further as these simple steps will get you in particular a fireflame dragon extremely fast. You will be ready to battle in no time! Before setting off on your dragon hunt, please make sure you have read these instructions, understand what you need to do, gathered the right equipment,  and arranged a suitable date to set off on your dragon adventure!

The first things you need are:

I) A shovel

II) A tranquilizer(around XI darts)

III) A net

IV) Sleeping powder

V) Bottles of water

VI) A torch

Firstly, put on a thin layer of clothing, as it gets extremely hot down there. you will have to ensure you have the right equipment as it could be dangerous without.

Once you have double checked that you have the right needs, make your way to the top of the mountain and slowly crawl down. You should find a den with eerie noises coming from the jet black abyss.When you enter, cautiously move to the left side and you shall find another hole, if it is illuminated enter, slowly walk up to a dragon and rather use sleeping powder or the tranquilizer.