Dealing with Stress… some top tips

Sometimes life gets overwhelming and you don’t know what to do. Before you get so overwhelmed you start to yell. Stop and take a step back. Take a deep breath! And think of something you love to do! Maybe you like to sing. Or play games with your friends. You could go swimming. Or play make believe! Maybe you want to spend time with your friends. Or time with your family. Lots of things can cause stress. Sometimes school and friends do! And think of a happy time in your life. And your friends and family. And keep the stress from turning your life upside down!

Charity Anne Bick by Jamie

Charity Anne Brick was born in 1926 and she lived in West Bromwich and was awarded a gold medal in 1941 for courage and coolness in very trying circumstances.

The gold medal was called the George medal, she is believed to be the youngest recipient of the George medal. She played a heroic part under nerve-racking conditions.

She lied about her age.

One night a incendiary bomb through a shop and fell through the roof and had a sustained minor injuries and putting out the fire with her bear hands. While the Germans were bombing she got on a bike and went to the control room to deliver a message for her dad but her dad could not send it so she went. She was very brave.

Charity Anne Bick by Lily

Charity Anne Bick was born in 1926 (West Bromich ).Charity lied about her age so she could join the A.R.P (She said she was 18 when she was 14 )

One day in 1941 when a incendery bomb fell through the roof of a shop and she (Charity) put the bomb out with her hands and water.Also she fell through the roof and caused minnor injuries. That same day charity got on to a abandoned bike and rode for 3 and a qwarter miles. For her brave actions Charity Anne Bick was awarded with the Gorege meadle also she has a blue plack on her home.

Charity Anne Bick by C-Jay

In 1926 Charity  was born .Charity was a heroine she was only 14years old when she joined the A.R.P.(air raid precution).

One day she was putting out a fire there were bombs dropping from the air, one house near her got hit  and then she fell  so the roof of the shop came  down  and hurt her but she only had a minor injury.

She travelled 3 journeys 1and a half mile each   She stoped a few times eventually she made it and gave the message

On account for her bravery she was awarded the george medal it something most people havnt got especially at her age.

Charity Bick by Mia

Charity Bick was born in 1926. She lived in Despatch rider,West Bromwich. In the war time she joined the ARP at the age of 14.Miss Bick lied about her age just to help the country . Firstly a bomb fire landed on the the roof but because the water pump was broken she had to put it out with her own bear hands . In all of the sudden the whole roof collapsed  on her but she still grew confidence to go and warn the control room. Bombs started dropping so tried her hardest to deliver the message .She then suffered from miner injures but in 1941 she was rewarded the George Medal  .She then became the youngest ever person to get rewarded by the King.

Charity Anne Bick by Armaan

Charity Anne Bick is a person that was a A.R.P who was a Air raid precaution in the war.The legal age to be in the A.R.P was 16 but Anne Bick was only 14 when she joined so she lied about her age,she was considered herself to be the youngest A.R.P. She put out a bomb with her bear hands she grabbed a bucket of water and put it out. Her father was supposed to deliver a message but he couldn’t so his daughter (Charity Anne Bick) had to deliver the message on a bike while bombs were falling and guns were shooting she successfully delivered the message.Anne Bick got the George IV medal for her bravery.Sadly she died in 2002 when she was 77 years old.

Charity Anne Bick by Archie

Charity Anne BIck was born in the year of 1926 and she is the youngest person to receive  the George medal. She worked as a air raid patrol warden and she also sent messages around the country.

She put out a fire with her bear hands but when she put it out the roof collapsed and she fell through onto the other lower floor. She pretended to be 16 when she was 14 to become a air raid warden

She lived in West Bromwich and her dad was a Warden. She was also a dispatch rider and she told when bombs were dropping and told the other air raid Warden to sound the alarm to tell people to go to their Anderson shelters.