Outdoor Maths: Decimals by Diamond

Today Ms Nottage’s class and Miss Nicolau’s class had a lesson of maths outside and had great results from the children. This lesson was fun and also  still educational as we have used out door materials to product this lesson with there imagination

We used this as a fun productive lesson and let the children having fresh air and being able too have a maths lesson some wear else that is not in a class.

We used Rocks as the ones units and for the decimals we used leafs as the tenths and twigs for hundredths and after children were able to get more confident with there decimals.. We have used are maths skills to answer the questions and now the children used there imagination to create are own questions and solve them. Helping there skills in decimals ready for SATS.

Written by: Diamond Year 6

Short story by Mehzabin Chapter 1 & 2

Chapter 1

Julia was in front of a big Victorian mansion. The big iron gate opened. She did not want to go but she was forced. The iron gates closed silently behind her. Julia went inside. She heard a shrill cry and she screamed. There was ghosts passing by her. One ghost was taking his head off. Her mother came in and switched on the light.

“What happened Julia. I heard you scream.” Julia’s mum went to sit next to her.

“I had a dream. It is about me going to Victorian mansion.”

“Don’t worry Julia. Everything is fine. Try and go back to sleep. You’ve got a big day tomorrow.”

Julia smiled “Ok” She knew she would forget it tomorrow and went back to sleep.

Chapter 2

If you was a second year there was a different feel about arriving at school. There was all your friend and family standing in a big group and trying to wave good bye to you. Everyone all got to the coach. There was a few instructions that had been told by the teacher (Miss Claire).

“You must not eat in the coach or you will have to clean up your crumbs while we go and sort out the rooms. If you need to go to the bathroom it is just there and do not mess around or you will have to move.” Julia  sat down next to her best friend Lisa. Julia told Lisa the bad dream she had. There was a 4 hours delay. They stopped at a service.

” Ok children you can have a 15 minutes break. You can get a snack, do what ever you want but you need to come back by 2 o clock. 15 minutes passed Miss Claire started to count the children to see if anyone was missing. Then Lisa arrived.

“Why are you so late?  questioned Miss Claire

” Sorry I forgot”

“Go and sit back down”

Lisa face went red like an tomato. After an hour they have arrived in their destination.

“I would like to say a few instructions. You should go to your room and sort all your things so that you will be prepared for tomorrow. Everyone must go to sleep by 9 pm or you will get a consequence. You may eat food during the day, but you are not allowed to eat at midnight. Now we are going to sort out your rooms.”

Julia was with Clara and Lilly. They went to their rooms and Julia started to unpack her things.

The Sharktopus

The sharktopus has a tail with a lengh of 168m. it has a smooth set of fins his eyes are as large as an football.his tentacles only get warm when its predators are nearby. the sharktopus can rip its predator with its razor sharp teeth.

the sharktopus can be found hanging around in the cold ends of the atlantic ocean and its not warm even in the hot summer weathers. it can be really cold and it will still survive.

this predator eats lots of fish. it is well known to eat cat fish and plankton.also has lots of fish in its habitat and has a really good diet.

in 2002 the united nations made a ban on fishing in the Atlantic ocean now the population has grown by 68 percent.

reasons for this include.

. more prey to eat

. fewer boats means less pollution

. nesting grounds less disturbed

in summary make sure to stay away from this dangerous creature.to get 100 percent more info go to website BBC bitezize and all other historic websites.

Recipe of Mary’s Qualities

We have been thinking about the qualities that The Virgin Mary showed when The Angel Gabriel visited her. We wrote a recipe for the ‘Perfect Mary’.

You will need:

  • Bravery
  • Faithfulness
  • Loyalness
  • Resilience
  • Loving Heart
  • Gentleness
  • Humbleness
  • Caring Heart
  • respectfulness
  • Compliant
  • Obediance


A heart full of love should be added in (to love your kids)

A handful of faithfulness (God is in a catholic faith)

A sprinkle of gentleness (God is always gentle with people no matter what happens)

A heart full of care (to care about your kids)

A hug of bravery (you need to be brave in life)

Obedience (she is loving to obey orders)

Compliant (she is always fine and respectful with orders)

A teaspoon of Resilience (she never gives up)

A tablespoon of humbleness (she never boasts others)

A scoop of Loyalness (to stay by Gods trust)

Tyler’s Victorian times diary entry

We have – in class – been learning how to write diary entries as a child on the streets during the Victorian period. This is my diary entry:

10th February 1840                                                                                                          London town was jostling with fine-looking gentlemen, wimin and urchins and all. My mate Jim, a mudlark, told me that Queen Victoria is to marry a German bloke, apparantl’y ‘e’s royal’y. I dodged into the bun shop an’ crawled through some folk’s legs. I saw a man (rich looking) bend ov’r  to get his spectacles. The bun on ‘is plate looked delicious and I went ‘o grab it but ‘e saw me and stopped me. I held my hand out for beating – or worse, he might take me to the House of Correction – but ‘e told me to sit down inste’d. He introduced himself as Mr Bernardo Picklethorn and asked me do I go to school. I told him no. Mr Picklethorn told me to meet ‘im outside the school jus’ round the corner at six sharp. I told him I would love ‘o come but if father found out, I would fear for my life.

Mr Spink came round for rent today, but we didn’t have the money to pay ’cause father spent it all on ale. Please God, say we don’t get kick’d out, ‘wise I’ll have to be a mudlark like Jim.

Stanley’s Victorian times entry

Dear Diary,

Today marks a new start for London. It was teeming with fine-looking folks. Streets were really busy with carriages, horses, carts and some people wearing creased and torn rags (like me) others in fine suits and silk dresses. I did not expect so many people in London. It was an important day because Queen Victoria was marrying Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha.

I trembled down the dirty and wretched streets of London. As I trembled, I found a strange newspaper lying on the ground. I carefully opened it up and it was the London Journal. I remembered seeing a fancy gentleman at the River Thames near the mudlarks scavenging for scrap. He went by the name of John Pound. He glared at me then whispered, “Come and see me tomorrow afternoon at half past twelve near the Ragged School.”

I yelled to him saying “Meet you there.” After that he trudged laughing. When I came home I found out that My baby sister was really sick and could die. I didn’t bring any food so now Pa will beat me when he gets back.

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