How to use this blog

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I’m going to tell you how to use the blog.

First, you go on to the school blog. To do that you must write St. Anne’s primary school blog.

Next, you got to school blogs and then chose a class, for example Mr Corry.

Then, you read what you want or if you are in that class you will have a password and username.

(Read the rest if you want to or read the rest if you have a username or password for this blog.)

After that, put the username and password in the right box.

Once you’ve put in the username and password press new at the top of the screen and write what you want.

Young Enterprise Day at St. Michael’s Catholic College

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Gabriel’s Hot Task

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Muff Potter by Anjali

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Sitting in court, Muff Potter couldn’t believe  what he done. All he could remember was this……………………………..


“Why are you late” asked Ingin Joe rudely when he came he asked this question again ” Why are you so late.”

“Non of your business” he replied they were standing outside the grave they went through the big heavy gates studded with iron bolts. Inside the grave was dark, foggy and misty as they went in after a few minutes they started to rob the bodys in the graveyard when they finished they wanted more money so they started to have a fight and Muff potter was knocked out by Dr Robinson and that was it.The judge said that he killed Dr Robinson and Muff Potter did not know that Ingin Joe did it so he was accused of killing him. And he was a really drunk man too.


In court I was blamed for killing him and them Muff Potter was then arrested for doing nothing at all. Tom Sawyer heard him blame him so he told the judge that it was not Muff Potter but it was Ingin Joe and Muff was let out of jail.

Hot Task

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Muff and Injun Joe were waiting in the shadows outside the tavern.”You’re late,” Muff Potter’s voice dropped to an urgent whisper “We could get caught.”

“We wont, just don’t draw attention to yourself,” Dr Robinson answered.

“But we could get arrested for this.”

“Just come with me.”

The three men emerged the shadows of the eerie graveyard. Behind stood the heavy gates studded with iron bolts as they searched for a grave. Injun Joe found the grave but wanted more money. Dr Robinson pushed them both on the long knee high grass. Suddenly there was a deep silence as if the world was holding its breath.

Muff couldn’t remember anything apart from waking up with a knife. All he knew is that he was in trouble.



all about Tom sawyer

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Since the boy was white wash the fence. Although another boy came charging down sinning he said if you let me white wash i will give you my apple the boy who was white washing was called Tom the over boy was called Huck .


Then Huck said i will give you my door knocker Tom replied WOW I ALWAYS WANTED A DOOR KNOCKER!


So then he forced everyone to do everything for him lose of stuff like doing all his whit washing .


The next day Tom went to aunt Polly. He told her that he was finished . Unfortunately aunt Polly didn’t believe him. Consequently she went outside to check. Unexpectedly , he had is done. Aunt Polly went to her closet.

Tom stole a doughnut as aunt Polly was giving him his award.

Tom saw Sid on the way out. He threw some clods of  earth at him and the jumped over the fence as quick as flash. Inguin Joe ,muff potter,doctor Robison talked about robbing a grave they got into argument.

Next day inguin Joe was in court with Tom Tom had to man up and say what happen because he saw what happen Inguin joe tryed to throw knife at Tom But missed he ran away on the   horses some tried to shoot him but missed his school whent to the caves were inguin Joe lived.

Hot task by Kayleigh

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Sitting in court bored Muff Potter was thinking why did he do it.

Muff Potter and Injun Joe were waiting outside in the corner of the pub for Dr Robinson.

”you are late,”told Dr Robinson.

Muff Potter’s voice dropped to a whisper ”we could go to court for this”.

”There’s no way we could go to court just stop drawing attention to yourself,”replied Dr Robinson.

”But they could get us any minute now,” Muff carefully whispered.

”Lets just get on with it,”answered Dr Robinson.

The three men stood behind heavy gates studded with iron bolts as they searched for the grave.They finally got there and grabbed the grave then Injun Joe and Muff wanted more money then they got into a fight Dr Robinson nocked  Muff Potter and Injun Joe out. Injun Joe woke up and saw a knife he grabbed it and killed Dr Robinson, emidiantly he put the knife into Muff’s hand. Muff  woke up and saw the knife in his hand.his mouth was twisted in a scream that never came out. He knew he was in big big trouble.

Tom sawyer Muff Potters point of view

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Sitting in court Muff Potter was listening to stupid lies weren’t even true. Injun Joe was blaming him of killing DR. Robinson when it was actually Joe who did it. Suddenly the judge asked Muff “Are you the one that killed DR. Robinson.” Potters mind went blank. This was all he could remember…

Muff Potter and Injun joe were waiting by the pub for Robinson to arrive. As always he was late. Out of the shadows they saw DR. Robinson running towards them.

” What took you so long”

” What ever man c’mon were going to be even later if we don’t move along”

As soon as they got to the graveyard Robinson and Joe got into an argument over the money. In the blink of an eye you could see them two fighting. Robinson knocked Muff out with a brick to make him unconscious. After 30sec Joe woke him up and said that he had killed Robinson they left so they couldn’t get into any more trouble.

“I need an answer Potter”

“I swear judge I didn’t do it”

In the middle of the conversation Tom and Huck walked through the door Muffs life had just been saved.


Muff potter

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sitting in court i went back to the start were it all began i was in the cematary were i was with Dr.Robinson and Injun Joe, Me and Dr.Robinson were in a fight about money and i was knocked out by Doc and that all i can remember your honor {the next day} so Tom {said the judge} yeah Tom said were was you the night Dr.Robinson was stabbed ” i was in the cematary behind a tree and Injun Joe stabbed Dr.Robinson ” Injun Joe jumped out the window im gessing that’s the last we will see of him. 

Hot Task by Lara

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One night , Muff was  sittings in court  and he couldn’t believed about what he judge , before he ask the answer Muff remember as before him went to the black he was ……

” why you’re arrested delayed ?”-ask Dr. Robbison thoughtful.

” We has to be cautious.”-respond Injun Joe

After they have a dialogue , they waited in shadows on outside the cavern , but the Dr . Robbison was overdue . On next day in midnight Muff’s meet Dr.Robbison , after to join we going to the cemetery .When they arrested , we have got a meet . They raise to the coffin out to the ground .

After lift the coffin Dr.Rabbison is killed Injun Joe kills him , but Muff Potter is scold , but he now feels sad and frighted .

After phew minutes of he think , Muff put the knife on the floor and the Dr . Robbison wake up , he said

“What happened with me ? ”

“he Injun Joe tried killed you with knife .” – ask Muff .

When they thinking about Injun Joe , Tom and Beke  was on the cavern when Tom explore he find the box with money , but he found the Injun Joe  and Tom  going to the Beke and he pick the stone and he lift on Injun Joe .

When he lift the stone Injun died .










Hot task by nevaeh

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“You’re late” Muff Potters voice dropped to an urgent whisper.Muff Potter and Ingun Joe  waited impatiently for Doctor Robinson outside the tavern . “Yes  i know but I had to get the money, now lets go before someone finds out what we’re up to,” replied Doctor Robinson.

They all set off to the edge of town walking through twisted alleys. When Muff saw the heavy gates studded with iron bolts, that led to the graveyard, dread swept over him like a tidal wave.

They waded through long, knee high grass choked with weeds and ivy. They trod on leaves as dry as dead fingers.It was as if the world was holding its breath. Surrounded with terror they reached  the grave, Muff stood to the side as Joe and Robinson lifted the tomb out of the terrifying grave. The ghostly shadow of the tomb loomed around them. All of a sudden something bad happened.

“I want more money Doc!” Injun Joe said while throwing a punch at him.

” No I gave you enough already!” replied Doc Robinson, he threw the shovel at him.

” Hey dont hurt my friend!” shouted Muff.

Without any warning Doctor Robinson hit him round the head with the shovel . Muff fell to the ground with a thump and that was the last thing he remembered.

Muff woke up in a blizzard of nerves and confusion for he was holding a knife and Doctor Robinson was laying on his lap dead.

“What happened” Muff questioned Injun

” You killed Doctor Robinson ” replied Injun

Muffs mouth twisted into a scream that never came out.

“Bu….but I dont remember that”

“Well you did so there, you were drunk”

Three months later Muff was sitting in court being accused of the murder of Doctor Robinson. The judge was about to place his verdict when Tom Sawyer stood up from the back and cleared his throat…..