Charity Vick Bŷ Rees

Charity Vick is One of the people who recieved the George medal for bravery. During Birmingham getting blitzering by Germany she assited her Dad who was a post warden, as bombs wer falling down so she cycled 2 and a half miles to the control centre, whilst bombs were falling down. Vick made several trips whilst bombing was on Mrs Vick only suffered minor injuries and assited the severely injured she received the Geroge medal for her bravery to her coüntry.

Charity Anne Bick

Who was charity anne bick ?

Charity Anne bick was  part of the arp from the world war two also know as the youngest recipient who was awarded the George medal . Mrs bick lied about her age because she wanted to be a part of the arp and she wanted to help people to survive . Her real age was 14 and died in 2002 for civillian bravery .

What was her role ?

Charity anne bicks role was a civilian dispatch rider . She died for helping deliver a message about the amount of bombs being lanched down . While she was helping her dad put out a fire she fell through the roof

how did she die ?

As she was deliving the message of the amount of bombs killing people, she was bombed by one of them  that  the Germans launched and unfortunately  nobody was there to help her she died as a hero and is remembered as a very kind and gratfull person .


Charity Anne bick

charity Anne Bick is a heroic women, who saved a building from being on fire.Charity Anne Bick started in the A.R.P when she was fourteen she used to go on her bicycle and tell the A.R.P news or important  information.

 She was  heroic because she saved a building that was on fire she used a water pump until she noticed that it was out of order, that’s when she started to splash water with her hands. Thats when it only small bits of fire on. As she tried to get out of the building Charity fell into the room and had some minor accident and ingeries (such as bruises,cuts or broken fingers).

Charity lived in Bromwich which is near Birmingham. For playing this heroic role she won a gold medal from King George the 4.

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Charity Anne Bick

Charity Anne Bick was a hero for her determination and bravery during the birmingham blitz in 1941. Miss Charity Bick was the youngest woman Civil Defence worker (age 14) to be awarded with the George medal. She received the medal by putting out an incendiary bomb with water and her own hands also delivering messages on a bicycle.whilst putting out the bomb she and her father


Charity anne bick

This is a brave girl called charity Anne Bick . She was a heroine (hero). Miss Bick was born in 1926 and died in 2002 . At the age of 14, while living in Maud Road, West Bromwich she lied about her age, claiming to be 16, to join the Air Raid Precautions (ARP) service in that town. She was awarded the George medal in 1941. She got it cause she was delivering messages. Miss Bick is known for being the youngest recipient of the George medal .During a very heavy air raid, Miss Bick played an heroic part under nerve-racking conditions. At the outset when incendiary bombs began to fall she assisted her father, a Post Warden, to put out one of these, in the roof of a shop, with the aid of a stirrip pump and bucket of water. Miss Bick and her father then returned to the A.R.P. Post. Almost immediately high explosive bombs began to fall and a terrific explosion nearly shook them off their feet.

Charity anne bick

Charity Anne Bick was a brave heroine who delivered messages during  the bermingham blitz. She was once putting out a insendary bomb on a roof but unlucky she fell through the roof. she earned the george medal at a age of 14 putting out a esendary bomb with water from her hands.miss anne bick was claimed to be the youngest heroine ever.she lived in bromich with her father.

Charity Anne Bick

Charity Anne Bick was born in 1926. Bick lied about her age to join the army. She was only 14 years old saying she 16 to join air raid patroll. It was world war 2. She lived in Bromwich with her father. It was 1940 when she did somthing fantastic.

she was on top of a building when bombs started to drop she had a water pump and a bucket of water. An incendiary bomb but the water pump was not working so she had to  use just her hands gladly she put out the fire  after that she went back to the wardens got news to give to the control room

Then she borrowed a bike. Had to get of her bike 7 times to doge loose shrapnel she traveled 7 times there and back and was the youngest recipient of the George Medal

Charity Anne Bick

Miss Anne Bick was 14 when she joined the A.R.P , air raid patrol, she helped her father with a burning down shop so she went to get a water bucket and a water pump. Sadly the pump was out of order so she had to use her own hands to burn out the fire. Once she done that the roof gave way and the roof fell she had minor injuries after that. Then a bomb destroyed two houses and one becide it. There was a terrific explosion. After that she ran to a soldier that was on duty and borrowed his bycicle so she can deliver three messages.  These messages said that a bomb has hit! and that it has destroyed two buildings and one becide it. She sucsefly delivered 3 messages to soldiers and got them on duty.

She soon later joined the army. She became a dispatch rider ,person who delivers messages, she delivered 7 messages that day. She soon got the King GeorgeVII medal for doing a heroic act with bravery.


Did you know?

that miss Anne Bick lied about her age so she could join the A.R.P???