Roman artifacts


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Year 4 were really lucky today to have a parent come in to talk about a selection of Roman artifacts from the Museum of London’s collection.

We saw Roman coins, pottery, hairpins and mosaics. These were real artifacts, almost 2000 years old all found in the Thames in London.

What did you learn from the visit?

What Rowan and Brian like


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Me and Rowan like maths because it’s  challenging!  we do extra maths at home.  If we didn’t learn maths we would be stuck as we get older because we use it all the time in our lives. . We like to learn because we want to get a big job when we are older. So that is why we learn.

By Brian and Rowan

what i am proud at at school?


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I am proud to be a student at St Anns’ school, a wonderful school,  where we care for each other. This schools learning system is amazing! I am personally proud to say,  that I have got many awards.

The Iron man


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The iron man was a brave  fantasy person, but he loved to destroy metal and eat it!

He destroyed the farms, so the farmers made a trap to catch him. So another

person dropped a chicken to capture a the fox. Hogarth waited for a long time to capture the Iron Man. They had to be patient. However,  one day he did and got help and then

the Iron man was standing in the middle of the trap and than the

farmer pulled the rope and he fell straight down trying to pull his

way up. But the farmers covered up soil.Then iron man was quiet

for a moment and then three months later, a family went to have  lunch

out side on top of a hill. but they heard the ground shaking and than iron man came out

of the hill and they were petrified!.

By Joshua and Stanley



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Slash-bite is a four legged creature with a rock hard, solid build of muscle. He has a huge head with spiky hair and long, curved horns. His eyes were bright orange and his nose was humongous but deadly when he breathed fire because his breath is as hot as lava. Pointy tusks stick out from either side of his mouth, full to the brim with the most deadly poison. His sharp teeth are like fifty-thousand knives sticking out from his thick lips. His neck was longer than a giraffe’s.Long but stumpy legs stuck out from underneath his belly.His body and back are covered in spikes that were razor sharp.Slash-bite has a tremendously long tail with a ball on the end that was also covered in spikes.

Year 4 return enthusiastically


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Mrs. Bramptons’ Class have returned after the holidays with a positive and mature attitude towards their learning. Already this week, we have made bar charts in maths, acted out the story of the ‘Iron Man’ and begun their science topic on ‘Living things’. Well done Year 4!

1st video


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Healthy Eating


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In Science we are looking at Healthy eating. We started off by looking at our mouths and teeth. We then looked at different types of foods and thought about what happens to our food whilst eating

by Cross


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In the old days many years ago lived a poor old wizard who lived with his wife that happened to be half women half cat they lived in a magical forest with their two children one boy called Elf and a girl called fairy one day the wizard said to the wife we have no money left how are we going to look after the two children the wife said lets leave them in the forest the wizard said no but the wife gave him no peace until he gave in Elf and fairy were listening at the door an Elf said I have a plan Elf went to gather some pebbles the next day they went in the forest with the wizard and the wife and they gathered  fire wood.

Simon and simper


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In the Ancient times BC many years ago, A poor weak stupid troll lived with its wonderful and famous halved dinosaur women. They lived in a flying moving forest with their 2 slaved children a God named Simon and a Dog named Simper and they worked very hard. There was super famine  in the  scary deep forest so they  were begging and hungry for food.