Cooking in year 4 by Saliem

After we came in from break we went into the kitchen and we met chef  Ashley he told us to sit down and sit on our aprons for while .Then we got up and wore our apron and wrote our names  on them then he told us we will be using our five senses .Then we tasted the bread it tasted like flour also it tasted sweet .Next we ate radish it was horrible it was so bitter i really wanted to just drink 2 gallons water  then we tasted the honey and it was very sweet . Also we had some jelly it was very horrible .Then we looked at some candy beetroot it was awesome.Chef Ashley chose two children to come and use there senses apart from taste so then it would be very hard for them to find out what it was . They got the first wrong but the second pair got it right the first vegetabale was a carrot and the second one was garrlic we had so much fun and we will se him soon .When we see him again I hope plans a nother fun and exiting lesson for us again next time . Tuesday was so much fun.

learning about cooking

Firstly we told the chief all the food types.Then we named all the tastes then we felt bred smelt it heard it then we ate it we ate and felt 4 different foods that had the 4 tastes sweet,sour,salt and bitter.Then we tasted 3 jelly’s with different tastes.Then after we tasted the food we located were it was on are tongue that we could put the tastes of the food in 4 places.We learnt about the importance of a healthy diet.

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