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Nativity song 8: Ring out those bells


Nativity song 6: Stop that knocking


Nativity song 2: Caretaker’s song


Nativity song 1: Christmas time is here


We are against bullying at St Anne’s and we are learning what it is and how to stop it!

We are against bullying at St Anne’s and we are learning what it is and how to stop it!

Do you you know what bullying is?

It’s a repeated, purposeful and hurtful action that aims to hurt or upset another person.

Can you come up with some good ideas how to tackle bullying? What to do to stop it?


‘Lunch time at a golden table’

L. says ‘we had to get a blue tray and then we had to go and get our food and we sat and we had our lunch at a golden table with Mrs Mouna?’

K. says ‘we had to get a golden ticket for example for lining up beautifully and eating your lunch beautifully and I got to be picked with L.’


How to catch a star

In Year 1 we’ve been learning about a recount, based on a book ‘How to catch a star’.

The boy wanted to catch his very own star. Look at our story map. Can you figure out what we say? Remember that a recount is talking about your own experience so we use ‘I’ instead of ‘the boy’.

Let us give you a hint how does it start…

Yesterday, when I was at home, I decided to catch a star because I wanted to have my own shiny, sparkling one. 

Try to continue the recount looking at our story map.

Instructions – how to make a cupcake.

We are getting really good at following and giving instructions. Again, if you want to know how to make a cupcake – ask us – Year 1 little chefs.

Do you know what ingredients are needed to make some cupcakes?

Tell us and we will confirm if you thought about everything.

Hats, sandwiches… time for something to play with for the hard-working Elves.

Hmmm what object and what material to use to design a toy… an interesting toy not just a toy.

Look at our creations and… if you see any Elves around send them our way as we are still looking for them.

Making jam sandwiches- no problem for Year 1!

The Elves worked so hard to make new shoes. We’ve decided to make some sandwiches for them to make their tummies full. If you are not sure how to make a delicious sandwich, come and ask us!