Articale 28

Article 28 says that every child has the right to come to school everyday on time and learn.At st Annes we do this by letting every body learn and go to school everyday if a person is always on time we give them a certificate at the end of each term and If a class is all in they get a trophy.



Article 15:

Article 15:

Every child has the right to meet with friends and join groups and clubs.

We show this at St Annes by going to music classes and having fun. We get to see friends when we have break time. In school we get to enjoy learning and other things like physical education. This is my favourite article because it makes me smile and it is wonderful.

Article 31

Article 31 tells every child to have the right to play and have fun outside. In our class and school we play outside safely and  we never hurt anyone when we play. At Golden time we have the right to play safely because that’s what we do in golden time we play and draw. At excellence we can watch film’s or have fun outside on the web or on the football pitch. See every child has the right to play and relax a child can do what they want outside.

Out door day

On Thursday 18th May 2017 we did 10 out door crafts. First our group went to make a bird feeder I was partners with Tillie .We were making a bird feeder first we had to make a blanket of lard and smear it all over the toilet roll tube. We then had to cover it in a packet of seeds and cover it in seeds we covered it really quickly. Luckily for Tillie I could tie a bow and so I did a double not Mrs Nicolaou tied it to a fence so it could feed the birds .Then we went and tried to do the obstacle course we went round my partner and I  found it really difficult to get round.


Outdoor Learning day !

On outdoor learning day we did fun activities . First we made bird feeders and to make it we used bird seed, a toilet roll,and lard . So we spread some lard on the toilet roll and sprinkled some bird seed on it . Next we hung it up on the gates with the rest.

To test our muscles we went on the web in partners and we raced around the web and tried  not to fall off.

Then we made some pencils with sharp knifes.

Next we drunk some yummy hot chocolate made with a kelly kettle.  Continue reading

Outdoor learning day!

Today was so fun! Today we did all sorts of activities. First we made…bird feeders all we had to do was get a loo roll  without any tissue on it and get some lard and roll it on.  When it is completely finished you roll it in birdseed when that’s completely finished you get string and cut it then we slide it through the loo roll  and tie it in a bow and tie it up waiting for the birds to come.

Next we were going to test our muscles we went on the web so we had to go from one end of the web to the next and we had to think of what muscle were using if it is both then think in your head ” I used both muscles for this.

After That we used knifes to create stick pencils and we had to be really careful!

Outdoor Learning day !

 On outdoor learning day there were 10 courses and we did them for a full 3 hours. First we went on the web and had to go all-around  it before the bell rung . Then we made pencils with Shakir’s mum out of twigs and then painted with them. Also we made delicious hot chocolate with Callum’s mum from Miss Phelan’s class. Later we used real fire to roast marsh mellows and Mrs Niciolou took a messy photo of me “it looked very funny”. When we finished with the marshmallows we sawed wood with Zakaria’s dad helped us saw wood .Once we had saw it we decorated it with gold, silver ,bronze paint and it was phenomenal. We then created a  body with pearly white stones and hazel brown leaves. Rapidly we all ran to start making our towers and the girls won and when the boys tried making their one every 3 seconds it always fell down it was it was hilarious . We finally we finished  the day and wrote about all of our favourite things.