Outdoor maths day

The day 11/01/18 we went outside to do some maths. The objective was to find either stones,sticks or leaves and read the piece of paper and place it as the question told us . It felt very simple because all you have to do is  to catch and do place value.There were 4 question e.g. What do need to add to 6.29 to get 8?  I enjoyed this maths  lesson as there was  and it was outdoors and it was great exercise.Helping there skills in decimals ready for SATS which will determine my future.We used Rocks as the ones units and for the decimals we used leafs as the tenths and twigs for hundredths and after children were able to get more confident with there decimals.  This lesson was fun and also  still educational because we were learning while having fun.This is my example of  what we were doing. Here is 2  maths challenge Miss Wong, the teacher, has four cards. On each card is a number:
59 996 59 943 60 026 62 312
She gives one card to each pupil. The pupils look at their card and say a clue.
Anna says, ‘My number is 60 000 to the nearest 10 thousand.’
Bashir says, ‘My number has exactly 600 hundreds in it.’
Charis says, ‘My number is 59900 to the nearest hundred.’
David says, ‘My number is 60 000 to the nearest 10.’
Can you work out which card each pupil had? Explain your choices.

Think about the number 34 567 800.
Say this number aloud.
Round this number to the nearest million.
What does the digit ‘8’ represent?
What does the digit ‘7’ represent?
Divide this number by 100 and say your answer aloud.
Divide this number by 1000 and say your answer aloud.

Write it down in the comments sections.

William Morris Artwork

Before Christmas Ms Nicolaou and Ms Nottage combined their classes for a special art project about  William Morris and had a fun time seeing the children art skills while having fun and practicing. The children took two days paying attention to detail and focusing getting their imagination and using it to the fullest. They used it water colour to paint the images. They were successful producing wonderful painting hoping for them to continue in the future .

By Diamond

Maths outdoor learning: Decimals





11/01/18. Today we went outside to do our maths learning. We had a certain items which were worth different amounts e.g. leaves were worth 0.10 (tenths), sticks were worth 0.01(hundredths), and stones were worth 1.00(ones). There were 4 question e.g. What do need to add to 6.29 to get 8? The answer would be 1.71 so in leaves, stones, and sticks it would be 1 stick, 7 leaves, and 1 stone. I enjoyed this maths  lesson as there was no writing and it was outdoors.



Fossil Projects

Year 6 have been working at home on their fossil projects. They were fantastic, informative and very creative. The children presented their projects to the children in Year 3 and 4, who thoroughly enjoyed the presentations and learnt some new facts. 

All about Science

Yesterday we became Scientists! We dressed up as them and we predicted what will happen to the animals used in the labs. We used real Science equipment like needles and we had to help the rat using different tools. We discussed many things and how scientists help animals. We had to fill out forms like answering questions like is research used for all animals and we had to wear gloves and a hat and a scientist suit then we just helped animals really just to practice if we are going to become scientist. It was a brilliant workshop, I had so much fun and learnt lots of new things.

All about science

Yesterday { 13 of December} we had a science workshop . On that project , Carmen from the London School of Hygiene and Medicine, explained how she deals with her work with animals to find out how she can help people and animals by creating new medicines.  Also she tell us about important people that discovered how to cure the disease ,so her school is trying to heal the animals and people using mice .

Carmen , show us a video about a river , people in Africa  doesn’t have water to drink because that have malaria , at now days she is helping Africa and homeless people to survive without malaria.

It was a brilliant workshop!


Science Workshop

Year 6 were lucky enough to enjoy a science workshop hosted by Carmen (one of our governors), from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. The children learnt about animal testing and how medical labs operate. Year 6 had a fantastic time and learnt many new things. Hopefully there were many inspired future scientists.


The museum of doom by Uche

Uche was scurrying toward the gate. The gate collided across the room . It closed and stuck  together as strong as bulls. The windows was like a world of darkness. Textbook, a statue and a piece of work scattered across the floor.Carelessly, he flickering through places to find an exit. He was alone. It was dark. He didn’t like it. Uche { who had a bad experience of the museum} was going to England ruler. It was a pitch black area. Without warning a women figure appeared; with a whiff of an ancient person. H e felt Isolated. A cry of terror spread across the house. A blood curling scream left! Uche dad thundered in ” what happened?” With a great sigh he claimed ” again Uche again” I’m sorry sorry i cant help it . I want to drop out  on the trip! “What!!!” “But i tried my best to pay.” But i had a dream more of an nightmare it was about… trip!” ” I’ll call Mr Jefferson in the morning not to expect you”By holding him on the shoulder he drifted of to sleep.




The sun ran over horizon Uche eyes  squinted and the sunshine and told him to go on the trip  to avoid disappointment. In minutes he wore a   blue top with addidas trainers and an nike trousers. He saw a large chunk of children in school uniform ready for hours and hours of work, enjoying there last moment in the playground. Uche eyes caught a glimpse the bright blue coach with gleaming window at the end of the lane. When he  ran into class he saw through the window watching the coach stowing luggage inside. Mr Jefferson in a strurn voice ” I repeat NO FUN! NO fooling around! Do i make myself clear? ” While he was hearing the rules and regulation he was hearing the word Victoria. Uche rotated around an saw Mark Lee continuously will be talking the word VICTORIA. On the travel Uche (who had less sleep than anyone else ) drifted to sleep on the coach and missed a field of glimmering grass. The doors open and a freezy chill swept upon the coach.


The Cherigan Chalcon by Diamond

The illusive Cherigan chalcon is a newly discovered animal species This  animal was found in 2017. My research team discovered that it was actually created in the ice age This species of mammal live in the frosty ice mountains. This creature was a fusion of the Peregrine Falcon and the Cheetah.This animal has the reputation of being a menace to the human race as of its rash nature As in their eyes hunting and murder a fun and sports leading animal into extinction they are called this for ruining lives years have been found by human explores. they hunt for other animals for sport. They are as of its brutal murder ways.But they have there own predator the malfeasance Did you know that its name in greek is the god of the sky and speed

This report will tell you all about the illusive species.


It has been declared as the largest bird as of its half peregrine side its wing span is 10 meters as of its beak is as sharp as a sharp knife. The wings are crimson with a glimmering pattern. Its eyes deceiving Gold spots shine in the night as of it being soThis report will tell you all about the illusive species.
dark its beady eyes zoom in with its night vision. Its able to camouflage through the mountains facing the traitorous world. Its metallic wings glisten through the night sky able to shrink into small places with its magical hair.


This animal live in the harsh and icy environment,

The colossal, rock mountain  reaches it sky-rising speak reaching the limit of the atmosphere. The jagged mountains cracks though the ground emerging from the earths core. The mountains sleeps and stops being dormant as when glaciers form the ice dangle from the side. An avalanche from the icy tip of the dormant volcano scientist now said that It will erupt soon, nowadays the debris of the avalanche disrupst the life of the animals in the ice mountains endangering these poor creatures putting them of the verge of extinction  as all you can see now is the white plains from nothing else seen by the naked eye

But the fortunate Cherigan Chalcon are able to fly to soar though the sky and burro through the ground o find dead carcases


Cherigan Chalcon has a carnivorous nature with its diet, consist of a daily produce of meat normally the tender,succulent,juicy meat of the Golden Beegle.The cherigan chalcon disgust for berries out range as of the past history death of the original cherigan chalon

the heart by Jayden

The heart works because of are blood cells. The circulatory system helps the blood to deliver oxygen around the body it works like this the doeoxygenated blood goose into the right atrium then it pumps the blood into the right ventricle next the right venticle pushes it up into the lungs to get oxygenated then they go into the left atrium through the mistral valve into the left ventricle and out to get carbon dioxide to ceep the heart pumping.This is called the circularity system.