Outdoor maths day

The day 11/01/18 we went outside to do some maths. The objective was to find either stones,sticks or leaves and read the piece of paper and place it as the question told us . It felt very simple because all you have to do is  to catch and do place value.There were 4 question e.g. What do need to add to 6.29 to get 8?  I enjoyed this maths  lesson as there was  and it was outdoors and it was great exercise.Helping there skills in decimals ready for SATS which will determine my future.We used Rocks as the ones units and for the decimals we used leafs as the tenths and twigs for hundredths and after children were able to get more confident with there decimals.  This lesson was fun and also  still educational because we were learning while having fun.This is my example of  what we were doing. Here is 2  maths challenge Miss Wong, the teacher, has four cards. On each card is a number:
59 996 59 943 60 026 62 312
She gives one card to each pupil. The pupils look at their card and say a clue.
Anna says, ‘My number is 60 000 to the nearest 10 thousand.’
Bashir says, ‘My number has exactly 600 hundreds in it.’
Charis says, ‘My number is 59900 to the nearest hundred.’
David says, ‘My number is 60 000 to the nearest 10.’
Can you work out which card each pupil had? Explain your choices.

Think about the number 34 567 800.
Say this number aloud.
Round this number to the nearest million.
What does the digit ‘8’ represent?
What does the digit ‘7’ represent?
Divide this number by 100 and say your answer aloud.
Divide this number by 1000 and say your answer aloud.

Write it down in the comments sections.

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