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Flappy Bird By Guilherme


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Flappy Bird by Nicholas


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Flappy Bird by Marcel


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Flappy Bird



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My Peace in The Lectio Divina


The Angel said ,”Do not be afraid Mary !”

When do you feel afraid?

I feel afraid when I am in the dark but I feel okay because I know God is always with me wherever I go.

Mary trusted God.#

How do show that you trust in the lord?

I show trust by praying everyday and being kind.

Do you want to say thank you to God?

I want to say thank you to God because he made us and made our world thank you so much.

How can I act on what i have prayed about?

I can read the bible to make me know what happened in the past at the time of Christ.

Do you want to ask God for strength with a challenge you are facing?

I want to ask for peace in the world and to keep my family and my friends safe forever and ever.


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My Piece Of Writing Using Co-ordinating Conjunctions By Rosanna


As the clear camera zooms in,the lid of the jet black kettle is carefully shoved away. It was a beautiful snowy morning as the robin stood fearless and proud at the edge of the kettle. He stood majestically with his scarlet torso bellowing outwards, yet he was now ready to take flight. Never the less he glided into the frosty air,in search of his truly loved one. His matt,black,beady eyes were focused,carefully focused on the tough journey ahead.

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Pupil Survey


Please click on the link below to complete the Tower Hamlets Pupil Survey:

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. spoon

. boul

. whisk

. fork

. knife


. courage

. faith

. love

. peace

. strength

. loyaulty

. trust


1.  firstly add a pinch of courage because Marry should courage when the  angel appeared

2. Then add a spoonfull of trust because Marry trusted the angel

3. After add 500 grams of peace because Marry showed peace towards the angel

4. Add 200 grams of loyaulty because Marry said she was the lords servent

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My direct and indirect speech


Direct speech: Policeman John,25, said, ” I knew it right from the beginning, I knew it was that greedy Pig, it would have been  no-one else.”

Direct speech: Witnesses Alexa Michel, 33, said, “It was a strange type of day, all I saw were police I got worried. ”

Indirect speech: Bystander Alex Black ,26, told the Gossip that she feels a bit safer now that the killer pig is behind bars .

Indirect speech: Resident Ryan Brown ,26, told the Gossip that at least his view outside his home is much nicer now all the police tape police cars have gone.

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Differences in spain and the UK for christmas


Today I will explain the differences of Christmas in Spain and in the UK. First I will begin with Spain. In Spain they actually dont really even celebrate Christmas they dont do Christmas shopping or any sort of Christmas stuff. To them Christmas isn’t really important at all but they have something simular called,  well the three kings – Los Tres Magos. People dress up as the three kings and visit schools and throw out sweets. They often ride on horses or camels in Madrid on floats. The kings ask the children if they have been good and what they want for Christmas.When they go home the children have to polish their shoes and go to bed the next morning their shoes are full of sweets and  for dinner you could get a whole pile of choclate.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    However in the UK we celebrate Christmas on the 25th of December,  we go christmas shopping we do a lot of things for Christmas in the UK we put up Christmas trees  and we wait until the 25 of December and get presents on the 25 of December.

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