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The story about the piano by Tahmid


The spotlight falls on the old man playing the piano.A gloomy,ghostly women,appears next to the old man playing the piano,while the women vanishes away.As she fades away,he continue playing the piano gently and softly.Lost in memories,his imagination wanders to a tragic events of the past…..

In the middle of the town square,the gentle,young man stumbled.Glancing courageously and nervously he inched towards the rusty wall to find the mysterious,hidden place ,away from the evil,looming danger.He saw his friend,standing by the rusty,old wall,getting protection,ready to shoot the defender.Without thinking,he gave the singnal without permission,his friend fired.Before he could do anything,he heard the sound of the gunshots and saw his friend falling down slowly in the rusty floor.


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“The story about the piano by Tahmid”

  1. November 17th, 2017 at 3:19 pm      Reply nicholas19 Says:

    nice story good job!

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