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My direct and indirect speech


Direct speech: Policeman John,25, said, ” I knew it right from the beginning, I knew it was that greedy Pig, it would have been  no-one else.”

Direct speech: Witnesses Alexa Michel, 33, said, “It was a strange type of day, all I saw were police I got worried. ”

Indirect speech: Bystander Alex Black ,26, told the Gossip that she feels a bit safer now that the killer pig is behind bars .

Indirect speech: Resident Ryan Brown ,26, told the Gossip that at least his view outside his home is much nicer now all the police tape police cars have gone.

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“My direct and indirect speech”

  1. December 1st, 2017 at 3:15 pm      Reply rosanna19 Says:

    Good job Scarlett !!!!!!!
    You go girl!!!!!

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