Reconciliation letter to Rob

Dear Rob,

I am writing to you so that you can know more about reconciliation in your university work. In our RE lessons we have been learning about God’s rules and why Christians should follow them.

Christians should try to follow God’s rules because you always have to be patient, gentle and peaceful like you can be patient by waiting when somebody is having a turn or you can be thankful by singing God hymns. You can be peaceful by being calm. It is important for Christians to follow God’s rules because if they don’t they won’t be a good example to other people so the best person to follow is Jesus because he was a good role model.

Did you enjoy this letter Rob? Do you know about reconciliation or do you know about other loving things?

Yours sincerely


A Reconciliation letter to Rob by Isabella

Dear Rob,

I am writing to you so that you can know more about reconciliation in your university work. In our RE lessons we have been learning about God’s rules and why Christians should follow them.

Christians should try to follow God’s rules by being gentle for example you shouldn’t pull flowers off a tree so that it doesn’t die.

These rules are important because if you pull off all the flowers of the tree the whole world won’t look nice.

I hope that you enjoyed my writing.

Do you know any other rules that Jesus made?

Yours sincerely Isabella.

Letter to Rob

Dear Rob l’m writing so you can learn more about reconciliation. In RE we are learning about God’s rules and why Christians should follow them. Christians  should follow them even when it is hard to. They can be gentle by not hurting others. You can be kind by saying nice things. You can be peaceful and Christians should forgive others because God told us to and he was a example to us. Christians should follow these rules, make life easier and happier and funner. We know thees rules because they are in the Bible.

Do you know any more rules that we should follow? Hope you enjoyed the letter

From Olivia

Flinn and the volcano rock

One day  Flinn was colouring  a  picture of dinosaur. Flinn didn’t  have enough pens he went to the cupboard. He  saw a sheet.  In there  was a pirate  dinosaur.   I  lost  my  volcano rock! he said.  Don’t  worry both of us are going to  find it  over there. A snake has it suddenly. He shot a rock here you go it was from the snake. by Tommy

Flinn and Sok by Dillan

One day Flinn was doing a picture with different things in it. Suddenly he had too many pens. Then he went to the art cupboard. He saw lot of paints and food. Then he heard a cry in there. He heard big crying so he said to the crying dinosaur what’s the matter?

Sok said I lost my bus. It stopped at monster school.
“Ok” the school is there so is the bus. They got in the first door and there was a kid with a sword! Wow said Flinn and he went back to school and had lunch.

The end By Dillan

Reconciliation by Sophia

Dear Rob,

l am writing to you so that you can know more about reconciliation. In our RE we have bean learning about God’s rules. Christians should try to forgive other people and be kind and thankful so you can become a better person. Jesus showed us this in the Bible. Another thing is to be patient and gentle.
I hope you enjoyed this letter. Do you know anything else about reconciliation?

By Sophia

My Grading by Shakir

Grading is when you show your sensi what you can do and he picks people that do very well in karate and luckily he picked me!

First, we were doing the normal thing that we do in karate, which is just doing the basic punch and putting our knee up.

Next, we were doing our kata. First, the red belts and yellow belts did three katas that were very complicated. Next, the red and white belts were doing the same kata that I was doing, which was called Taigochou Shodan. Finally, the white belts were doing their kata which was the same one as the red and white belts.

Finally, sensi announced who passed and guess what he said————- I passed!! So now I’m on my red and white belt, but I still need to be on time to do the move and I have a grading licence which you’ve seen already and I have a certificate.

Land of the silver birch by Shakir

Land of the silver birch, home of the beaver, where still the mighty moose wanders at will. Blue lake and rocky shore, I will return once more. Hi-aya hi ya, hi-aya hi ya, hi-aya hiay, ah________________

Up where the eagle soars, inside the caves, my body rises up free as a bird blue lake and rocky shore I will return once more. Hi-aya hi ya, hi-aya hi ya, hi-aya hi ya, ah_______________

My Trip To Victoria Park by Shakir

Daddy said that there’s a good park in Victoria Park so we went there. When we got there my face was filled with excitement.

First, we went on the slide, the first was to scary so I went on the second one and I went on it three times!

Next, I saw some people skate board and I saw someone backflip it was epic. I saw loads of tricks.

Finally, I started jumping on something but I wasn’t that good at it and I was balancing and you don’t wan’t to see me balance I was the worst at it. And we went home but before I did that I had delicious ice cream.


Hi Mr. Symmons’ class!
My name’s Rob and I’m studying RE at University, and I hear you’re looking at reconciliation – that sounds really interesting! I hear you’ve been learning about God’s rules and how Christian’s behave – what should they try to do? Why do they behave the way they do?
I’m sure you can help me with these questions – thanks a lot!

My information about a sunflower by Shakir

There are hundreds of different types, or varieties, of sunflowers. The biggest one is Mammoth Russians that grow over 10 feet tall and produce big round heads with bright yellow petals thats masure over a foot across. They grow on strong thivck stems with biig heart-shaped leaves. The ripe seed heads sometimes get so heavy that they hang down. Other types of sunflowers, called dwarf, produce small stalkes and smaller flowers in such colors such as light yelloy and deep bright orange or red. You can see many diferent types of sunflower seeds sold in packets in the garden sections of stores in spring.


Plants by Harry

There are  two types of living things in the world.  These are   plants and animals.

A plant needs sunlight to get its energy, this is called Photosynthesis. A plant follows the sun everywhere it goes.

Plants produce pollen and then this moves to other plants and produces fruit this then makes new plants. This is called pollination.

My Church Trip to Margate by Shakir

At church they decided to have a church trip but everyone thought we were going to South End because its closer but we didn’t we went to Margate. Some other people that are part of the church came to and my mum’s friend’s daughter came and she’s called Grace and Grace came to. We packed everything like: my camera, some sandwiches. But when we got to the mini van we were the only ones there. My auntie kept messaging everyone that she’s late. When everybody came we just relaxed.

First, we went on the mini van because the teacher has a mini van and it took a long time to get there. On the way we went the wrong way so it took another hour we also saw a car on fire so we prayed that the man is okay.

Next, we put on a Sat Nav that makes a funny voice.

After that, we got there and there was a seaside group and a dreamland group and I went to the dreamland group because I LOVE rides. My mum didn’t I just thought she was scared.

First, I went on the longest slide ever. The bags that we put on our shoes are so heavy. When I went down the slide I had a heart attack.

Next, we went on something that spins really fast then I went on it again because on a scale of 1———————10 it’s over 10! But after it wasn’t scary.

After that, We watched the adults go on a ride and they were so SCARED! And it was fun seeing them scream.

Afterwards, we went on some bike thing that controls it’s self it was so high.

Finally, we went on the fastest rollercoaster ever! I was so brave that I went on it. When I went on it I was so scared and at the very end we got stuck there. Grace was dancing because she didn’t go on. Then we went in the maze I thought there were clowns so I went with an adult but it was so confusing that I didn’t know what to say. Then we went home and had some snacks and mummy bought some rock.

The boy and his book by Tommy

Once upon a time the boy opened the door and there was a book on his doorstep. He was shocked and he wanted to take the book home. He went on Google and it came from Tribes. He  ran dawn to the planes  but it was too loud so they made their own  and tested it for  size, strength and  speed. They took off but ran out engine. They  parachuted and they made it. They gave it to the tribes and walked  home.

The magic book by Sophia

One sunny morning the boy found a magic book at the doorstep. Then he wondered where it had come from. So he checked the library, next he asked the teachers. After he asked the scientist but the people that worked there didn’t know where the book had come from. So he ran down to the airport and called the pilot but the pilot said”This plane is out of order make your own car”. So the boy said”Okay”. After he made the car to go to Spain. He tested it for warmth, cosiness and comfort. Finally they drove for days and nights. Suddenly when they were in France the bridge fell down so a man came  past and put a long ladder over the river. Lastly they left the magic book and the book had a light which said” Thank-you”. The End.


The Lost and Found Book by Muniya

After the penguin and the boy returned from the South Pole something very strange happened.

One sunny morning they found an Enchanted book at their doorstep. They didn’t know what it was or where it came from. They decided they would go on a adventure to find out. First they checked a old and rusty museum. Next he asked his clever mum! After that he went  to the library and asked someone, “Do you know where this book comes from?”, said the boy. After they ran cautiously to the airport but they didn’t have any tickets! After that he sailed all the way to France but he lost the book in the sea so he had to go in the water and find it. Eventually he found the book so he had a party for finding it. Then they had to return the book back to the French People and they said thank you for finding our book. They gave them a certificate for finding their french book so then they turned back home so that they can watch their favorite episode.


The lost book by Olivia.

After the penguin and the boy returned  from the south pole, something very strange happened … One sunny morning they found an ancient book on their doorstep. They didn’t know what it was or where it had come from. They decided they would go on an adventure to find out. They began by checking if the Librarian knew. Then she went on Goggle  but Goggle didn’t  know. So she asked her mother but she didn’t know either. The next morning she found out  that it was from Thailand so she went to a over night plane and screamed “Can you take me to Thailand?” But the plane had already taken off! So they took a blanket  and a basket and made a hot air balloon  and took off in the air with the girl telling stories all the way there. On the way the balloon popped! “Go and get a rope so we can climb out the hot air balloon.” When they got out the balloon they asked a lady if she knew and she said yes  and pointed the directions. When they got there they gave the book to the lady who  owned it and she threw  a party for them bringing  it  back to her!

The lost book by Callum

After the penguin and the boy returned from the south pole something very strange happened… One sunny morning they found an ancient book on their doorstep. They didn’t know what it was or where it had come from. They decided to go on an adventure to find out.

First he went to the library and said ”is this your book?” but they didn’t lose a book. Next he asked his friend but he didn’t know about it. Then he read his books he had. The next morning he found that the book came from Egypt. They ran to harbour quickly but they didn’t hear him. So he made a hot air balloon. They tested it for strength, air and comfort. They travelled through good weather and bad but while cutting the food the put a hole in the hot air balloon. So they then sewed it up. Then they got to Egypt and dropped the enchanted book off and it said ”thank you” and the boy and the penguin went home.

The enchanted book by Kaiden

One sunny morning the boy and the monkey looked at their door and they saw a shiny diamond enchanted book. They decided that they would go on a spooky adventure. First they went to quiet library. Next they went to noisy police station. Finally they went to a busy science lab.

Then he looked outside and chopped down some hard sticky wood. He was going to solve this once and for all! They made a slingshot and a boat. They were going to slingshot themselves to the see and row themselves to Egypt. When they got there the book opened it said your wish is my command. Suddenly the boat started to sink. They jumped out and the genie came out. The genie turned evil! The genie made a black hole! The boy put a ruby and a golden stick together and it made a spear. He threw it in and it destroyed the black hole. The end.

The lost book by Ryan

One day a book was at the boys door step. The book was rusty and dirty and had information inside. So they asked the library, they asked his mum and they asked a duck. They made a hot air balloon and tested it for strength, comfort and safety. The hot air balloon crashed in to a  pointy building and the air came out quickly went to the floor. When it landed on the floor a man helped them to pump the air up because they are not strong. They went back on their journey.  The next morning they found out the book came from Egypt. They turned  around  when they turned  to Egypt. When they got there they put the book back where it came from. Suddenly the book was magic  that  someone spoken out of it and mummys came out.