My letter about Knights By Olivia D

Dear Mum and Dad,

I am writing to you to tell you about my knight training camp

For many years, I have been waiting to become a knight and now it’s finally happening. Now that I am 16 I can become a knight. I’m sorry if I keep talking about knights, I’m just so excited.The food here is okay: on a Sunday we have a roast dinner with rabbit and potatoes. I think your potatoes are much better. I miss my nice warm bed, the beds here are so uncomfortable.

The king, who was a knight (prince), is always pushing me. It’s probably because I’m getting better what do you think?

I like training. Me and my new friend Arthur, who has been training for three years, have been going to practise on the battle field. I’ve just learned how to flip my sword and turn around at the same time. I’m so proud of myself. I wish you were here to see me practise.

How is everyone? I hope you are all okay

Yours sincerely



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